Connection of a GPS-Mouse GX107

On this side, I'll put down some information on how to connect the Conrad-Electronics "GPS-Mouse" GX107 to a PC.
The mouse has a small PCB connector and is designed to work together with a GSM module to remote control whatever system you want via SMS messages.

After some measurements, I figured out how to connect it to a PC.

Wire WHITEGPS RXconnect to +5V via 10k
Wire GREENGPS TXGPS NMEA Strings as inverted TTL Signal
Wire BLUE"enable"connect to +5V
Wire BLACKPOWERconnect to +5V
Wire REDunused

To power the GPS-Mouse, I used a TRACOpower TEL 2-1211 DC/DC converter. The inverted TTL signal from the GREEN Wire has to pass an MAX232 to reach the COM-Port.

9600 Baud8 DatabitsNo Parity1 Stopbit

PCB and GPS-Mouse